Serenea B&B is an exclusive destination.

As a former world traveler, I put together the following guide to help other travelers preparing themselves for this exotic experience


Nicaragua is located just north of the Equator, thus, Ometepe Island has a tropical climate with two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

The dry season lasts from mid-November to the end of May. Nights are chilly in December & January and it gets quite windy till March, which makes this time of the year perfect for hikes and kitesurf. With virtually no rain starting February, lake level goes down revealing beautiful beaches and petroglyphs. On the other side, trees and plants start to dry out with April being the hottest month.

The rainy season lasts from mid-May to mid-November, with October being the wettest month of all. It’s a perfect season to enjoy scenery as leafless trees turn green and start blossoming and waterfall are more impressive. It often just rains for a short period of time and these can be spectacular with tropical downpour interspersed with sun.

Temperatures range between 24ºC and 35ºC


Serenea B&B only runs with solar energy.

The system is performant so that you do not have to ration your energy consumption and lighting inside the bungalow is excellent.

It is a 110 volt energy and 60 Hertz, same as in the US.


All payments of beverages, laundry and activities must be done in cash (Nicaraguan Córdobas or American Dollars).

PayPal payment is accepted for the lodge reservation.

You can find 24h ATM machines only in Moyogalpa (port where most ferries arrive)



Since January 17,  2017, the Government of Nicaragua requires at all ports of entry International Certificates of Vaccination for yellow fever from travelers who, less than 11 days prior to their planned entry into Nicaragua, have visited countries designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as places with the potential for active transmission of yellow fever (This includes Panama). The vaccination must have been given at least 10 days prior to entry to the WHO-designated country.

Find out which countries have a risk of Yellow Fever transmission?

The World Health Organization recommend (but they are not mandatory) the following vaccines for Nicaragua: typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B and routine vaccinations of tetanus, MMR, diphtheria and polio


Water quality
Water used in the Biosphere Reserve of Maderas on Ometepe Island is a natural volcanic spring water. It is full of minerals and incredibly good for your health.

For drinkable purpose, we filtered it through a ceramic filter that eliminates eventual bacteria and turbidity in the water


Medical treatments

There are 2 hospitals, several mini-clinics and specimen labs and many pharmacies on Ometepe Island. However all of them are only open on “regular” hours. For serious injury or illness, I recommend to go to the mainland.


Keep in mind that Serenea B&B is located on the flank of volcano Maderas within a luxuriant tropical vegetation. It is thereof a paradise for frogs, bees, spiders, ants, rabbits, scorpions, geckos, squirrels and more. If you get stung, don’t worry because none are dangerous or toxic to humans

Also, the sun sets around 5/6pm depending on the season. Roads are not well lighted and it is pitch dark 1 minute walking away from Serenea’s bungalows.

That's why, if you want to enjoy your jungle paradise experience to the fullest, don’t forget to pack the following:

* Flashlight/headlamp

* Long sleeves and pants for night walks and hiking trails

* Closed shoes for hiking or horse-riding

* Light jacket for cooler nights of December and January

* Sandals or slippers

* Sunscreen

* Hat/cap

* Bathing suit

* Insect repellent

* Binoculars


There are two options to reach Ometepe Island: by plane or by boat


Flying to Ometepe Island - Flights are currently suspended due to low demand

Since 2014, the Nicaragua's national carrier La Costeña is the only one to serve flights to the island.

It’s a 20 minutes unforgettable journey from Managua on a 12-seater aircrafts, flying over Cocibolca lake and Concepcion volcano.

Departures limited to Thursday and Sunday at 12pm (midday)


Cruising to Ometepe Island

There is only one port of departure to reach Ometepe Island, the port of San Jorge located 6km away from Rivas bus station.


To go from mainland to the island, you have 2 different kind of boats:

The lanchas are small old wooden boat that carry merchandises and passengers. The ride can be rough and wet during windy season.

The ferries are bigger and more stable boats. They carry vehicles and passengers and have a deck.

They serve 2 different ports on the Island. Most of them cruise every hour to Moyogalpa, the main city of Ometepe Island and only “El Rey de Cocibolca” ferry (my favorite) and "La Mozorola" lancha reach the port of San Jose del Sur.

The journey on the largest freshwater lake of Central America takes 70 minutes on average to Moyogalpa (17km) and 90 minutes to San José Del Sur (24km)


If you decide to travel with a vehicle, you will need a reservation on a ferry at least 4 days in advance during high season. Just ask me and it will be my pleasure to book you a spot on the ferry of your choice.


Home stretch to the bungalow

Serenea B&B is located at 30km from the port of Moyogalpa on the Maderas volcano side.

I will provide a complete and detailed information to arrive with your reservation confirmation.

Until then, you just need to know that as soon as you leave the main island road you will travel up a steep hill on the slope of the Maderas volcano. There is easy road access and as you enter the UNESCO Biosphere reserve the vegetation becomes dense making the last 5 minutes very mysterious and tropical.


Serenea B&B is remote but convenient with direct access to the forest and trails to hike the Maderas volcano and central location to waterfalls, petroglyph observation, kayak tours on the wetlands and horseback riding. Beach and lake access is a 15-20 minute walk and several restaurants are only a 10 minute taxi ride.

Central America map with Ometepe
Map of Nicaragua and Ometepe
Map of Ometepe to go to Serenea B&B


You may wonder if Ometepe Island is suitable for kids. Well, the answer is yes.


Mainland transfer to the lodge may feel long for children, but they usually enjoy the boat trip and get excited at all sort of animals (cows, chicken, dogs, horse and pigs) crossing the road on the island.

Upon arrival, Serenea is an enchanting Bed & Breakfast at any age. Depending on the season and the time of day, kids may love watching butterfly and hummingbirds, listening to howler monkeys, tasting dragon fruit, searching hidden petroglyphs, playing with my horse and dogs or getting lost in Serenea’s maze of green plants.


As far as activities are concerned, some trails like “Charco verde” are quite flat and short enough to be done in family. El “ojo de agua” set in lush tropical surround is a natural pool with tightrope, tree swing and lounge chair one of the children’s favorite here. Your little ones could also sit and observe wetlands wildlife in a kayak while the local guide is paddling for them and if they are adventurous and big enough, they could also do the canopy and get initiated to horseback-riding. Not to mention that Ometepe has beautiful sand beaches and the fresh water lake has swallow water over a long distance.

Consider the family gateway package for your vacation on Ometepe Island



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